IFATCC International Congress, Ruobaix (FR)
22th-24th April 2020

Chemistry applied to textiled: fibre spinning, dyeing and finishing, and manufacturing of multi-functional textiles, for both conventional and high-performance textiles.Environmentallt planetary challenges require Innovation in Chemistry and textile.
It is becoming essential to reconsider the design and manufacturing of textiles. Eco designing is indeed required for textile functionalisation to limit environmental impacts.

This [R]evolution is radically shaking up production methods and defining new technical and technological limits.

Many companies have innovative solutions to offer in response to these expectations. Studies carried out in research labs are also essential in anticipating these changes, particularly in the field of clothing.

For this reason over a three-day period, companies, experts, technical centres and research laboratories will discuss the evolution of textile chemistry to generate new fibres, innovative fabrics and sustainable processes, for revolutionising the textile businesses and the apparel market.

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