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    Annual IFATCC DC MEETING held in Bergamo, Italy

    During the meeting discussion about IFATCC activities and how to address IFATCC in the next coming few years, as also approval of financial figures.

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    Int’l English Master Program

    “Sustainable Textiles”

    Hof University Campus Muenchberg. 02.06.2018

    Today a delegation from TEGEWA ( visited Hof University and signed a contract for an endowed chair for the planned international english master program “Sustainable Textiles” at Hof University Campus Muenchberg.
    TEGEWA is going to pay for an endowed chair for 5 years. As soon as possible Hof University is going to start the appointment procedure for this chair.

    The endowed chair “Sustainable Textiles” is a good opportunity for an enthusiatic, very good English speaking  scientist (PhD-degree) with longer time industrial practice in textile chemistry or dyestuff production or production of textile auxiliaries or textile dyeing and textile finishing in combination with knowledge of sustainablity and willingness to strengthen the international activities of Hof university campus Muenchberg.

    The details will be on the homepage of Hof university.
    The planned master program is an international master program in English and focused on textil chemistry in combination with sustainablity.

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