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    Int’l English Master Program

    “Sustainable Textiles” Hof University Campus Muenchberg. 02.06.2018 Today a delegation from TEGEWA (http://www.tegewa.de/en/tegewa-ev.html) visited Hof University and signed a contract for an endowed chair for the planned international english master program “Sustainable Textiles” at Hof University Campus Muenchberg.TEGEWA is going to pay for an endowed chair for 5 years. As soon as possible Hof University is going to start the appointment procedure for this chair. The endowed chair “Sustainable Textiles” is a good opportunity for an enthusiatic, very good English speaking  scientist (PhD-degree) with longer time industrial practice in textile chemistry or dyestuff production or production of textile auxiliaries or textile dyeing and textile finishing in combination with knowledge of…

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