Tradition and technology under the motto differentiation and diversification as Successful models at the annual meeting of the VÖTC on April 20, 2018 in Dornbirn!
Today’s Association of Austrian Textile Chemists and Colorists has existed for 110 years. Originally founded by 17 members as “VCC – Association of Chemists – Colorists” grew the association is rapidly growing, because 300 members were already registered 2 years later.
Since the foundation of the association known today as VÖTC, its goals have been textile chemists to bring them together and to open and constructive dialogue between the experts initiate.
Contact and personal exchange between specialists and young professionals in a cozy setting should be encouraged. This year’s VÖTC annual conference offers an excellent opportunity for that. This is in the former textile school, the HTL Dornbirn take place on April 20th, 2018 and everyone is welcome. Differentiation and diversification are two successful models, companies Differentiate from others and successfully steer through difficult markets and times. In In Vorarlberg it was always companies that do something differently than others in order to make themselves to emphasize.
Well-known speakers from successful companies will talk about their Present success stories and convey strategies that are implemented quickly and easily can be.
For example, Getzner Textil AG with high-quality damask or the To provide Schoeller Wool GmbH with felt-free wool using a process that is unique in the world, without chlorinating them. Let yourself be inspired by the success story of the past Garage company and today’s global player Skinfit. These companies have grown steadily and on the road to success for years. How you will be managed by Mag. Peter Fürst, Managing Director Shareholder of five is innovation, carried away when he tells you how innovations emerge and how to develop a culture to promote it. Reserve the 20.04.2018! The Association of Austrian Textile Chemists and Coloristen organizes the 2018 annual conference at the HTL Dornbirn and you shouldn’t miss.
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