TMTE – New partnershipis

TMTE is a project partner of SET in order to draw attention for the measuring of the efficiency energy

SET Tool is a free stand-alone software for self-assessment of energy consumptions in textile companies.
It includes also an on-line tool (SET Web) for advanced benchmarking and comparison of the performances across years.
The following improvements have been included:

–   updated tables with average prices for electricity and natural gas (industrial users), for each country and consumption band, in relation to the last two years: 2016 and 2017 (first half year);

–   the tool now allows to declare the consumption and production data for years 2017 and 2018;

–   new functionality have been delivered for “monthly behavior analysis” in SET Web (, they are available for any people that has uploaded data sets as usual.

These graphs were already available in SET tool (Excel), but we have thought that they should be useful also in SET Web, together with some new indicators about seasonal behaviour during the year (these graphs of course are available only after inserting monthly consumption and production data, see the DEMO link:

The latest version 2.5 of the SET tool is now available on the usual EM2M platform:

The updated tool version (2.5) replaces the previous ones and works on the same data base and interfaces.

Well, you can continue to analyze your historical series of data and obtain benchmarks!

The staff of SET


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