The Hungarian Society of Textile Technology and Science (TMTE) was established in 1948, 70 years ago, in Budapest. Its first sections comprised specialists of the spinning, weaving, knitting, bast fibre processing, silk, dyeing and finishing, clothing, haberdashery industries as well as economists, testing and quality control specialists, energeticists. The first sections were followed later by partner sections in other cities having considerable textile industry.
In its activity the Society organized meetings, consultations, conferences on various technical, technological, economic and other subjects, trainings and courses, edited books and periodicals and was very popular in the industry. In the course of time its membership grew up to many thousand and each textile and clothing factory joined it.
Following the political and economic change in Hungary, 1989, the state of the textile and clothing industry has significantly changed. The large state-owned textile and clothing companies disintegrated or disappeared, their roles were taken over by private domestic and foreign entrepreneurs with whom it is much more difficult to keep contact for the Society. The grant given by the government left off, too. However, the Society is strong enough to maintain itself, mainly by joining international programmes organized by various organizations of the European Union, organizing training courses, and thanks to the help of its private and company members. Courses, conferences, factory visits, taking part in research programmes, on-line edition of the 70-year old periodical Magyar Textiltechnika (Hungarian Textile Technology) – these represent the Society’s main activity nowadays.
The Society has close and fruitful contacts with other organizations in Hungary and abroad, including, e. g. with EURATEX (European Apparel and Textile Confederation) and with IFATCC with which a very successful international conference was held in Budapest in 2013.
The Society celebrated its 70th anniversary in May 2018. Venue of the ceremony was a building which had been formerly one of the most famous textile factories, Goldberger, established in the 19th century, being a museum today. Many older and younger experts, entrepreneurs honoured the event by their presence where Dr. Pál Pataki, president of the Society gave a presentation on the 70-year history of TMTE and Mr. Károly Lázár, editor in chief presented the similarly 70-year history of Magyar Textiltechnika.
In addition to these reminiscences another important lecture was given to the conference: it was held by Dr. András Víg, president of the TMTE-Section of textile chemists and colourists and professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics on the occasion that this department was established exactly 80 years ago, on the initiative of Dr. Leó Goldberger, owner of the famous Goldberger-factory, the building of which provided residence to this event.
Prof. Dr. István Rusznák, who is 98 years old and the only founding member still alive, also attended the special occasion.
The anniversary meeting was closed in very warm and friendly feel.


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