Dear Friends of the IFATCC,

An eventful year is coming to an end, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all warmly for your support, your trust, and your active participation in the association.

2023 was characterized by significant challenges for us as an international association but also by numerous successes. Together, we have successfully promoted the interests of the IFATCC and achieved important milestones.

Our events and specialist conferences at the national and international levels (here, in particular, I am referring to the congress in Augsburg) have allowed us to exchange ideas, learn from each other and provide new impetus for the industry. 

I am proud that we have developed many innovative ideas and solutions in 2023 to help textile finishers and textile chemists improve their work and remain competitive.

Collaboration with our partners and supporters was also of great importance to us. By working closely together, we realised projects that went far beyond our association work. I want to thank all our cooperation partners for this.

Last but not least, I would like to thank our members, the national associations, who actively support the IFATCC and thus help us to achieve our goals. Only through the joint commitment and lively exchange between all those involved can we move forward as an industry and actively shape the future.

I am confident that the coming year still holds many exciting challenges and opportunities for all of us. Together, we will master these and continue to drive our industry forward.

With these words, I wish you all a peaceful festive season, a happy new year, and a successful start to 2024.

Kind regards

Reinhard Zander

President of the IFATCC

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