IFATCC has decided to change its logo.
    A more contemporary and easy to read graphic, with more immediate color.
    Welcome to the new logo and thanks to the logo that has accompanied us for so many years.

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    We are proud to announce that IFATCC has signed an agreement with
    WTIN – World Textile Information Network Ltd www.wtin.com

    As a result of the cancellation of key industry exhibitions this year, manufacturers of technology and materials do not have a platform to showcase their products. Travel also remains a challenge for many people. So the logical conclusion is to create an online event where manufacturers can exhibit their innovations to an unrestricted global audience.

    The Innovate Textile & Apparel ITA – Virtual Trade Show
    will be live on 15-30 October 2020.

    As a consequence of signed agreement, IFATCC will have a virtual booth to show his own activities and to promote the XXV IFATCC International Congress who will be held in Roubaix (FR) from 27 to 29 of April 2021

    Association members of IFATCC will have the opportunity to promote to theire members to book a booth at a discounted rates.

    Offer will be in 31 of August 2020. Please refer to your local organization.

    Discover more visit https://vts.wtin.com

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    Following DC meeting hosted by AEQCT (Spain) during last ITMA in Barcelona, Annual DC delegates meeting was taking place in Bergamo (Italy).

    It was the time to discuss about IFATCC financial figures as also updating delegates from different countries about IFATCC International Congress who will be organize by ACIT (France) in Roubaix in the next coming 2020.

    It was also the time to discuss about IFATCC activities and also how to address the activities for the future to sustain textile industry and young students across the local organization.

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