Dear IFATCC Members, dear Colleagues, dear Friends

    As 2021 is coming to an end, I would like to thank all Presidents of national Associations, their members, and our affiliated Associations for their contribution and support during this very challenging time.

    In 2021 April, we had a successful XXV IFATCC Congress, organized by ACIT in a challenging virtual form. Moreover, our Federation participated actively in the virtual WTIN event in October. Thank you all for your contribution and support.

    Furthermore, by building the Editorial group, IFATCC will create a great future of communication for the Federation as well as for its full and affiliated associations. The usual activities will take on greater visibility thanks to the work of the editorial group that will be active through the IFATCC website and social media.

    2022 will be challenging year for the textiles industries, with new regulations from Europe in the coming years.

    New challenges lie ahead with significant innovations in the entire production chain.

    Sustainability & Circularity will play a more vital role in achieving all the policies coming up soon from the EU commission.

    The IFATCC is certainly an important communication channel for its members concerning new policies and challenges that the industry will need to address!

    In this context, as you know, IFATCC is involved in organising a conference that will be held during ITMA 2023 in Milano and has already contributed to the ITMA 2023 blog.

    With all the board members, we wish you and your family members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022.

    Take care, be safe.

    Mr Pascal Renger

    President of the IFATCC

  • NEWS

    Textile recycling methods for the future

    An interview with Prof. Michael Rauch about Textile recycling methods for the future.
    From 2025, used clothing and other textiles will be collected separately throughout Europe to facilitate reuse and high-quality recycling. Activities for the development of new fibers, chemical auxiliaries and colorants which are more suitable for recycling are on the way.
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