IFATCC is promoting and fostering friendly relationship between the Association constituting the Federation establishing permanent professional relationship between the member Association.

IFATCC encourages an exchange of knowledge, competencies and contacts promoting scientific and technical co-operation so as to assist in the development of the textile and dyestuff industries.

In order to achieve these aims IFATCC holds and organizes an international congress every 3 years.

The Federation allows grants to promote an international exchange of students, that would like to start their professional career in the textile chemistry branch, and technicians who would like to further their knowledge.

For this reason, they must work at Companies, R&D Institutes or Universities (PhD students) situated in countries with an Association belonging to the Federation.

IFATCC promotes the collaboration with other associations employed in topics such as research internationalisation, multidisciplinary approach for innovation in sustainable products/processes for textile chemistry, dyeing, and finishing treatments.

Each Association as part of IFATCC is independent and is operating in its own country, acting following local legislation, organizing, at the national level, meetings and workshops.

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