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Congress history

The VCC congresses were organized annually between 1909 and 1913. After a 7-year break, the congresses were organized by IVCC yearly from 1921 until 1939. During 1931 and 1936, the IVCC congresses were opened to the International Federation (IFATCC). Since 1931 the congresses have been organized every three years by IFATCC. The only exception was the Congress of Stresa (Italy) 2010, held only two years after the congress in Spain, to avoid coinciding with ITMA 2011 (International Exhibition of Textile Machinery) in Barcelona.

24th IFATCC Congress (2016) Pardubice, Czech Republic CONGRESS PAGE
23rd IFATCC Congress (2013) Budapest, Hungary CONGRESS PAGE
22nd IFATCC Congress (2010) Stresa, Italy CONGRESS PAGE
21st IFATCC Congress (2008) Barcelona, Spain CONGRESS PAGE
20th IFATCC Congress (2005) Wiemar, Germany
19th IFATCC Congress (2002) Paris, France
18th IFATCC Congress (1999) Copenhagen, Denmark
17th IFATCC Congress (1996) Vienn, Austria
16th IFATCC Congress (1993) Maastrich, Netherlands
15th IFATCC Congress (1990) Lucerne, Switzerland
14th IFATCC  Congress (1987) Tampere, Finland
13th IFATCC Congress (1984) London, UK
12th IFATCC Congress (1981) Budapest, Hungary
11th IFATCC Congress (1978) Venice, Italy
10th IFATCC Congress (1975) Barcelona, Spain
9th IFATCC Congress (1972) Munich, Germany
8th IFATCC Congress (1968) Paris, France
7th IFATCC Congress (1965) Vienn, Austria
6th IFATCC Congres (1962) Noorddwijk, Netherlands
5th IFATCC Congress (1959) London, UK
4th IFATCC Congress (1956) Italy
3rd IFATCC Congress (1953) Lucerne, Swiss
2nd IFATCC Congress (1936) Stuttgart, Germany
1st IFATCC Congress (1931) Paris, France


IFATCC Conferences have been taken every three years

22nd IVCC Congress (1939) Innsbruck, Austria
21st IVCC Congress (1938) Konstanz, Germany
20th IVCC Congress (1937) Salzburg, Austria
19th IVCC Congress (1936) Stutgart, Germany 2nd IFATCC Congress
18th IVCC Congress (1935) Basel, Swiss
17th IVCC Congress (1933) Marienbad, Czechoslovakia
16th IVCC Congress (1931) Paris, France 1st IFATCC Congress
15th IVCC Congress (1930) Milan, Italy
14th IVCC Congress (1929) Budapest, Hungary
13th IVCC Congress (1928) Heidelberg, Germany
12th IVCC Congress (1927) Carlsbad, Czechoslovakia
11th IVCC Congress (1926) Dresden, Germany
10th IVCC Congress (1925) Zurich, Swiss
9th IVCC Congress (1924) Vienn, Austria
8th IVCC Congress (1923) Salzburg, Austria
7th IVCC Congress (1922) Innsbruck, Austria
6th IVCC Congress (1921) Salzburg, Austria
5th VCC Congress (1913) Berlin, Germany
4th VCC Congress (1912) Vienn, Austria
3rd VCC Congress (1911) Torino, Italy
2nd VCC Congress (1910) Frankfurt am Main, Germany
1st VCC Congress (1909) Dresden, Germany

VCC – Verein der Chemiker-Coloristen (1909-1913)

IVCC – Internationaler Verein der Chemiker-Coloristen (the stop of IVCC was in 1948)

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