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Sustainable textile chemistry (bio based raw materials and environmentally friendly processes)

Simultaneous Deposition of Chitosan and ZnO NP’s onTextiles via One-step Sonochemical Reaction

Simultaneous sonochemical-enzimatic coating of textile with antimicrobial nanoparticles

Environmental and economic sustainability of novel enhanced antibacterials nanotechnology finishing based on ultrasound processes

Some considerations regarding the structural and microbiological characterization of nanotextiles for medical use

Photoiniciated reaction of methyl orange in presence of complex-forming compounds

Halocromic textile materials as innovative pH-sensors

Immobilized laccase for waste dye degradation

Horn-Hoff powder as biosorbent to remove Copper (II) ions from acqueous solutions.

Nanopigments of silica on the dyeing of wool fibres

Wool fabrics dyeing with metal-complex dyes after UV-irradiation

Environmentally friendly antifel treatment of wool

Effects of non-toxic solvent microemulsion in washing wool

Antibacterial efficiency of the sonochemical coating with CuO nanoparticles, produced in situ, versus CuO nanoparticles from thowing stones method

Ultrasonic washing process after reactive printing

The effect of low-frequency ultrasound on the activity and efficiency of a hydrolitic enzyme

Fabrics to protect people from malaria

Technology of making reinforced interlining materials for garments manufacture

Vegetal squalene: a new bio-based nutritional side product as a source for the functional well being textiles.

Investigating Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching Using a Bleach Activator for Cotton Knitted Fabrics

Sol-Gel treatment for enhancing flame retardancy of cotton: state of art and perspectives

Wear behaviour of scoured, dyed and finished polylactacide/wool and poliester/wool fabrics

Development of new piezoelectric element using piezoelectric fibres made from environmentally friendly polimer

An application of electron-beam crosslinking to kevlarfibre/ppcomposite

New textile technologies, challenges and solutions (ABSTRACT)

Is it important to know the surface free energy of textiles?

Methods to characterize textile/fibre surface for different treatments like printing, dyeing, coating etc.

Analysis of Surface and bulk properties of fibrous and ground cellulosic fibres

Application of menthol cyclodextrins inclusion complexes to improve elastic compression stockings comfort

Flame retardancy of natural fiber reinforced fully biodegradable composites

New medical fibres

Application of biobased and biodegradable materials in textile coating

The future of textile printing and the role of Durst in digitalisation of industrial decoration

Design for sustainability

Digital textile printing using solid ink technology

From recycled fibers to textile fibers

Development of new agrotextiles from renewable sources and with controlled life time

Hemp fibres Surface treatments for the development of biocomposites and composites reinforcing agents

Low temperature synthesis of Titania film for self-cleaning applications

Effects of multi-step sol-gel process of inorganic silica coating on cotton fabrics 

Nanoclay coating on textiles for adsorption of xenobiotics 

Acqueous pigmentary inks for digital textile printing


Environmental comparison of chemical ecotechnological and biotechnical textile wet treatment

BioTEX – an integrated multidisciplinary program of research and implementation of cleaner production eco-design based textile sustainability

Clariant’s 4E concept and ONE WAY selector – A contribution to sustainability

Matex® Eco Applicator – Economic Aspects and Creative Potential

STeP – Sustainable Textile Production

Whiteness determination of optically brightened textiles

Employing ionic liquids for preparation of PET fibres with cotton‐like surfaces

2BFUNTEX – transfer of research innovation on functional textiles towards industry 

Evaluation of handle of textile fabrics

New depot-materials of directional action based on textile and polymer materials for oncology 

The Sonochemical Coating of Textiles with Antibacterial Nanoparticles

Textile flame retardancy throught layer by layer assembled nanoarchitectures

Synthesis and characterization of hybrid phosphouros-silica for halogen free flame retardant cotton fabrics

Use of Thermal analysis for characterization of sintetic fibres

Preparation of high efficent metal-ion  absorbable non-woven fabrics using electron beam grafting

Functionalization of cellulosic fibres by high energy irradiation

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