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Application of Bolaform Electrolytes as dyeing auxiliaries for acid dyeing of Nylon 6

Application of electrostatic layer-by-layer adsorption to textile dyeing (ABSTRACT)

New developments in continuous dyeing of PES/Cellulosic blends

Role of Thermal reaction in photofading of disperse azo dyes on nylon

Amphiphilic and electronic properties of acid dyes and their behaviour in wool dyeing and bioelimination (ABSTRACT)

Quantitative relationship for design of disperse dyes of high technical properties

Nylosan S – A high fastness alternative for the dyeing of wool and nylon fibres

Colour dependent reproducibility in dyeing of polyester – triacetat blend knitted fabrics (ABSTRACT)

Variations in dyeing characteristics for PET-fibres: the effect of dyefibre interactions.

Liposome of textile auxiliary agent, method of its preparation and application results

Formaldehyde – Unavoidable or Avoidable risk in pigment printing

Dyeing behaviour of woll fibres without internal lipids

Influence of Dendrimer Finishing on Color Assessment of Co/PES Blended Fabrics

Demands on Modern Continuous Dyeing Ranges

La impresión digital textil como tecnología de producción (ABSTRACT)

The role of the differencies in the internal cavity of cucurbituril ring in complexation of acid, reactive and disperse dyes, respectively

Novel application of β-cyclodextrin in the textile dyeing process

Tintura de tonos terrosos con la nueva generaciòn de colorantes reactivos NOVACRON® NC

Direct reuse of dyeing bath, polyester microfibres and disperse dyes (ABSTRACT) 

Dyeing of textile fibres with enzyme reduced indigo: effect of reaction condition on indigo reduction and dyeing quality

Multicriteria decision making for the choice of dyeing process in the frame of sustainable development

Application of enzymes in wool dyeing

Lavado de poliester, teñidos y sin teñir, mediante tensioactivos ecologicos

Comportamiento cinetico del poliester ptt frente al colorante c.i. disperse red 169

Influencia del plasma atmosferico y del cationizado sobra la tintura de algodôn con colorantes reactivos

Development of inks for lighting applications by printing processes over textiles

Desarollo del proceso de catinizacion de algodôn por agotiamento y su influencia en la tintura

Study of the structure modification during the dyeing process of INGEO™ fibres of poli(lactic acid)

Solutions for digital textile printing challenge



Application of supercritical carbon dioxide for textile processing

Application of Enzyme Technologies in Finishing of Cellulosic Fabrics –From Theory through Practice

Enzyme Finishing of Natural Polyamide Fabric Using Transglutaminase

Plasma Technology – Limits and Opportunities in the Textile Finishing Industry (ABSTRACT)

A practical method for determining of cellulase activity in the textile industry

Functionalization of Textile Materials by Nano-Titanium Dioxide

Development of hydrophobic textile surfaces by polysiloxane films using PECVD technique

Synthesis and characterization of conducting textiles of polyester covered with polypyrrole (ABSTRACT)

Obtention of bactericidal textiles by post-discharge plasma (ABSTRACT)

Combination of enzymatic methods for a more continuous cotton processing

Biotechnology as one of the substantial elements of the sustainable textile processing mosaic

Interaction of N atoms through porous membranes in Nitrogen flowing post  discharges

Improve of adhesion properties of polypropylene film using low pressure plasma containing organic gas

Surface modifications with plasma treatment prototype at atmospheric pressure

Hydrophobic recovery of low density polyethylene treated with corona discharge plasma

The use of liposomes in exhaustion dyeing of cotton (ABSTRACT)

Surface modification of nonwoven fabrics using low pressure plasma with a mixture gas for filtration applications

The influence of structure of lignocellulosic fibres on enzymatic grafting of functional phenolics

Different strategies to modify cotton properties

Influence of Enzymatic Industrial Washing on Cotton and Cotton/Elastane Garment’s Properties (ABSTRACT)

Methods for preparation and characterisation of self-cleaning surfaces

Infrared laser irradiation on Surface of cotton fabric

Application of HMDSO Plasma Polymerization as a Novel Textile Finishing Process

Enzymatic process for machine washable wool (ABSTRACT)

Surface modification of poly-(ethylene terephthalate) by lipolytic enzyme

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